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Pinky Promise Necklace

R 650.00







18ct gold plated brass pendant and 18ct gold plated sterling silver chain.




Length: 45cm


Your pinky finger is for your best friend and the promises you’ll never break. It’s a little gesture we’ve all made before. ⠀

The Pinky Promise. ⠀


The idea is actually of Japanese origin, and comes from the belief that soulmates are connected by a red string of fate, which is attached at the pinkies of each half of the whole. ⠀


The ulnar artery connects the heart with your pinky finger. This channel makes your least notable finger a true representative of your heart. This is why when two people make a truce, or swear a vow, they do it by crossing their pinkies. ⠀


The thread emanating from the heart doesn’t end at the tip of the finger. It continues in the form of an invisible red string, which flows out of your pinkie and goes on to intertwine with the red strings of other people – connecting your heart with theirs. ⠀

This necklace was designed to be gifted. It symbolizes the highest of all promises or commitments you’ve made to yourself, a partner or a friend. Pinky promises are a binding foundation of trust. ⠀

Our Pinky Promise Necklace symbolizes promises, new beginnings and fresh starts.