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Jackie Textured Stripe Knit

R 2,950.00


Cherry,Black,Navy and Taupe


72% South African kid mohair & 28% silk


One size fits S, M, L - thanks to the natural elasticity of mohair.


    • Place your knitwear in clean, lukewarm water. Hot water will make mohair shrink and make wool shrink and felt.
    • Add a wool detergent / mild soap or shampoo. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.
    • Soak for about 10 minutes then gently squeeze out dirt.
    • Rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water and finally rinse in clean cold water.
    • Roll in a clean towel to remove excess water. Never rub or wring.
    • Reshape while damp.
    • Allow to dry flat in the shade on a towel.
    • NB: NEVER tumble dry mohair or wool garments.



      • Store garments flat to maintain shape.
      • Opt for a cool, dry storage space, avoiding plastic.
      • Deter moths naturally with cedar wood blocks or herb sachets.
      • Avoid packing away dirty knitwear to prevent moth attraction.
      • Air out cupboards periodically to prevent moisture buildup.
      • Vacuum regularly, including inside cupboards, to keep pests at bay.

      TIP: Make sure to spray perfume and deodorant directly onto your skin and not onto your knitwear. This will keep your mohair and merino wool knits smelling fresh by simply airing it.

      Made in Cape Town by Vuya for Luminous Ware