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Masego Statement Earrings N

R 1,590.00

ORA Masego Statement Gold Plated Earrings are handmade from fine Italian brass and gold plated in 14ct Yellow Gold. with sterling silver ear pins from our Beaded by ORA collection.


To keep your jewellery looking its best for generations, avoid wearing it in water, contact with soaps, creams, perfumes, or abrasive products. Chlorine, detergents, and oils can tarnish and damage jewellery, so it's best to remove it before swimming or other water activities. Store your jewellery in Ora packaging, a closed jewellery box, or a sealed container to maintain its shine.

Metal Used

Our brass jewellery is made from fine Italian brass, with some pieces gold plated. Over time, brass develops a natural patina, but you can restore its polished finish with a soft cloth and brass cleaner. Similarly, our silver and gold pieces are made from 925 sterling silver and 9ct to 18ct gold, which can also be restored to their natural luster.